Once relied on two newly opened stores in Beijing, Diaoye beef brisket was valued at 400 million yuan, raised 60 million yuan, and led a large number of new entrepreneurial projects with the symbol of "Internet catering", such as barberry Tang, Huang Taiji, Master Xi, etc.Huobi purchase process,Judging from its layout, Yonganxing still focuses its resources on docked bicycles, and also conducts a small number of pilot projects in the dockless bicycle sharing business.

2. As an operation, what have I learned? 1. In everything I have done, I say that Alibaba's operation is very good. I once joked with my colleagues: "What is operation in Ali, I am in operation in Ali's startup company!" At that time, I was pure and arrogant, and I was brainwashed by the boss. I felt that I didn’t want to be a screw in a big company, and I felt that learning more and doing more in a startup company would be better.Huobi purchase process