Not only that, but the business also needs to be equipped with operation and promotion personnel to serve Mr. Ma's rules. Operation and promotion are all emerging industries, with huge wages and deep waters. If you don't do it for half a year, you won't know what this person's ability is. It's all extra cost.Mining machine purchase platform,A complete failure or bankruptcy is your Mr. Taobao. More and more e-commerce platforms have emerged. They do not need operation, promotion, or customer service. Just one artist is enough, and there is no promotion fee. Publish new rules.

Compared with the cms website building system, it is more convenient to use the visual HTML5 self-service website building system of the big-name interconnection station, and the operation will become simple. You can build a website without knowing the code, so that many website builders who do not understand the code can also build a website. On the realization of self-service station, the whole people's station.Mining machine purchase platform