In most cases, rewriting pages to improve site readability and legibility is sufficient, but in some cases it may be wiser to choose to delete pages or update them.elrond our list of allies grows thin,  H5 responsive website building H5 full-platform responsive self-service website building system Advantages: 1. Adapt to all devices: PC, mobile phone, IPAD cross-screen seamless docking can truly adapt to the "machine" strain, so that the website can truly adapt to all Terminal Equipment

In the above, we only analyzed how to adjust and optimize the advertising space according to the data based on the conversion item "Order Success Page". Of course, this is not the only basis. In-site advertising analysis can analyze other conversion items, as shown in the figure: From above As can be seen from the figure, other conversion items can also be analyzed, such as "successful registration, membership package, third-party login, etc." we saw in the above figure.elrond our list of allies grows thin