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  The declaration "The United States is with you" is nothing but a lie to find "pawns." For a long time, the United States has forcibly peddled "democracy" and "human rights" around the world, but most of them brought wars and disputes. Some people say: Which country is "concerned about human rights" by the United States and where it will be in ruins, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria are examples. In Hong Kong, from illegal "occupying China" to amending regulations, the United States has continued to support the opposition and train thugs in order to engage in a "color revolution", thereby harassing Hong Kong and containing China. Don't assume that the United States will not betray "friends." Once Hong Kong is in chaos, the United States will only abandon the mess of scars and take advantage of the fishermen. In the face of American interests, the "gunners" who are in charge of the opposition and other fronts are nothing but "cannon fodder"; once the value of use is lost, the "pawns" supported by one hand will also become "discards" that are thrown away at will.bitcoin app name,

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